Control the WHO and you control the world

Tweet from Dr. Thomas Binder

It does not need a huge conspiracy to control the world. If you control the @WHO you control any declaration of pandemia & as every government activates its pandemic plan the (democratic) world is transformed in an authoritarian world government following your orders in lockstep.

During the swine flu scam in 09 the @WHO removed the dangerousness of the infectious pathogen from the definition of pandemic. Since then it can declare any flu season a pandemic. A government that obeys its orders without checking the evidence is acting stupidly & irresponsibly.

It is nonsense to test every symptomatic person for a (single) „flu virus“. It is madness to do this with a not very specific rt-PCR test only, without consideration of Ct and clinical findings. And it is the coronation of insanity to test even asymptomatic people in this way.

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