Joke or not?

In the German Democratic Republic they tell the story about a weary old man who tries to gain entrance into the Red Paradise.

A Communist Archangel holds him up at the gate and severely crossquestions him:

Where were you born?
In an ancient bishopric.
What was your citizenship?
Who was your father?
A wealthy lawyer.
What was your faith?
I converted to Christianity.
Not very good.
Who was your wife?
The daughter of an aristocratic Prussian officer and the sister of a Royal Prussian Minister of the Interior who persecuted the Socialists.
And where did you live mostly?
In London.
Hm, the colonialist capital of capitalism.
Who was your best friend?
A manufacturer from the Ruhr Valley.
Did you like workers?
Not in the least. Kept them at arm’s length. Despised them.
What did you think about Jews?
I called them a money-crazy race and hoped that they would vanish from the Earth.
And what about the Slavs?
I despised the Russians. You must be a fascist!
You even dare to ask for admission to the Red Paradise-you must be crazy!
By the way, what’s your name?

Karl Marx.

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