Why do (otherwise) perfectly intelligent people believe in Climate Change?

(Andy Edmonds) The operative word in this somewhat leading question is “believe”. Global warming is a belief system with all the characteristics of a religion.
Look at how non-believers are vilified. Look at how we are told we must make sacrifices to the god of global warming; to sacrifice little old ladies through their unaffordable heating bills; to sacrifice our countryside to windmills and solar farms; to sacrifice our cars and our mobility.

Why do Perfectly Intelligent People Believe in Climate Change

How did we get to this point in our supposedly rational age?
The answer, I believe, lies in the history of ideas themselves. To grossly, but unavoidably, oversimplify things, the argument is as follows:
One of the major purposes of religion is to explain the seemingly random events that occur to us as individuals and societies.
The demise of Christianity in the West has led to, or was caused by, a rise in scientific rationalism. The latter has given us better explanations for the events in the world, and held out the promise, as espoused by Laplace in 1813, of total predictability, of understanding everything scientifically.
Thus, one all-powerful God has replaced another.
The success of scientific rationalism has spawned political and social ideas that ape the promise of predictability and explainability that…weiterlesen

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